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Off D' Grig

I want the music industry to be more “bottom-up” so it will be more robust and less susceptible to corporate monitoring and control.

What is Off D Grid and why a Movement is Necessary?

Our definition of Off D Grid means that an Artist, Producer, Band, Independent Record Label, Independent Artist Development Company, Production Company, Management Company, etc has decided to maintain ownership and control over their master recordings and to work their musical project using their own sources of revenues, their own connection points and their own grind points. Off D Grid is from the bottom up. Meaning that you don’t allow a Corporate Conglomerate to tell you what type of music is acceptable or marketable or relevant for you to create and pursue. No, to the contrary you do the music that is birth out of your own soul, out of your own experience, out of your own human uniqueness. Off D Grid means you use sweat, blood, tears, passion, undying drive, determination, guts, wisdom, pain, hurt, advise, mentors, technology and God to find a market for your music on your own terms on the street level where people live, breath, experience, cry, laugh, hurt, dream and die. That you determine not to skip steps in connecting with and building your fanbase. The previous statement is so critical that we will repeat it: That you determine not to skip steps in connecting with and building your fanbase. That you go through the pain, the suffering, the joy and the ultimate victory associated with building your fanbase (not created by the corporate conglomerate machine) but the fanbase you found and developed who are radical supporters of your music and what you do. Off D Grid!!!

Why is D Off D Grid Movement Needed?

D Off D Grid Movement is Needed because thousands of Artists, Bands, Producers, Independent Labels, Artist Development Companies, Production Companies, Management Companies, Producers, etc., still have as their ultimate goal to be signed or distributed by a major Record Label. We believe that in the majority of cases the reason that most individuals in the music industry still pursue being signed to major labels/distributors is lack of true knowledge and revelation concerning the importance of maintaining ownership and control of their music recordings. In addition, we believe that individuals have been brainwashed by the Major Label/Distributor propaganda, brainwashing and conditioning that essentially hold that any success outside of affiliation with a Major Label/Distributor does not warrant true respect or ultimate satisfaction. That to the contrary, success outside of being signed and/or distributed by a Major Label/Distributor is begging for pennies, because the Major Music Corporate Conglomerates have all the big money locked up.
D Off D Grid Movement is needed to break the propaganda, brainwashing and conditioning that have blinded the independent artist, producer, record label, production company, band, management company. We submit that as apparent to many of our fellow music business heretics that the industry is primed for a return to bottom up economics as opposed to top down dictatorship and control. That if you have the courage to refuse to hit the crack pipe (the label deal) and do the HARDWORK of building a independent base of support for what you do that you can achieve freedom in all senses of the work including but not limited to freedom of expression, financial freedom, freedom of direction, freedom of control, freedom to change, freedom to educate, freedom to liberate, freedom enlighten, freedom to lead. We are resistance fighters, freedom fighters, change agents and paradigm shifters. We are not fly by night trying to come up with a catching phrase or gimmick to get 15 minutes of fame. We have been in this industry eating, starving, making money, going broke and making all the money back, going to the next level. Everything tha we share we have lived through and will face personally as we continue to fight. We are music industry Heretics who are evangelist telling anyone who will listen to wake up and choose freedom and reject enslavement!!! Wake Up!!! The reality that you think you are living as an artist being signed to a major label recording agreement or distributorship is not real, it is a dream that someone is selling you to make you think you are awake, fully alert and functioning rationally. The mission of D OFF D GRID MOVEMENT is to wake you up and open your eyes to see the truth of your situation. To make you aware. To give you the option to choose Freedom!!!

Welcome to the Movement where life is OFF D GRID!!!

Let’s say you come up with a great song and you record let people listen to it for feedback. If people like what they hear and they think the song is great. Do you believe they will not buy it because it doesn’t have Warner or Universal on it. If people like your music they will support it not because it has Warner or Universal stamped on the back of it, they will support it because of what the music does for them and their life enjoyment. If you write something that catches a market, that market is yours whether or not you have a Major Label Stamp on the back of your neck. But the industry (the corporate conglomerates) had instituted a land grab mentally basically dividing the major slices of the music pie between themselves leaving only crumbs for the rest of us. The pie was structured on a scarcity mentally and not on an abundance one. What I mean by this statement is in order to increase my slice of the pie I have to cut into your share of the pie. Obviously, a scarcity mentally breeds competition which in the music business is cut throat. Now this further leads to if you have a sound that is selling good, then I need to develop a similar sound so that I can get a piece of the market that you are eating from. Now this leads further to one band having a host of copycat bands following because they are all trying to eat from the slice of the pie that the first band developed. After all, its not fair that you eat the whole slice by yourself, when you see the rest of us out here starving. Now this leads to enslavement and what we call the MATRIX SYNDROME, whereby now you buy into the reality that the industry is pushing you to accept and that is without us you can’t eat. We control the sounds that sell. We control the pie. If you want to eat a slice, you have to eat the slice we select for you and because the slice of pie we have placed on the table is only so big, we are not going to allow but a certain number of people g et a chance to eat and each of them will only get one bite. Some will get a medium bite, Some will get a small bite, Some will get crumbs. Nobody however will get a big bite, because that is reserved for us (The Industry). And On by the way, because everything was cooked in kitchens that we paid for, before you take your bite, we have to take away all the cost and expenses that we had to pay for.
Why does it have to be the way I described above. Well, at one point a number of years ago, because it was true the corporate conglomerates had developed a strangle hold on the pie or at least that is what propaganda machine had brain washed us to all believe. But I submit to you that the Music industry has always been bottom up, we as independents had accepted a version of reality that had been forced down our brain, but actually it was not true. Think about, A&R Departments were developed to scout out hot raw talent and supposedly develop it for mass market appeal. The key to understanding my statement is A&R scouted out talent (meaning fans were already feeling what the artist was doing and supporting it). Now the other function A&R’s served (and this is the matrix) they tried to find talent that was similar to talent that was already selling way for a competitor label (in order to get a slice of the competitor’s pie)
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