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Who Died and Made You the King of Anything?

Artist Sara Bareilles has a current song that is rapidly moving up the charts which asks the following question in the lyrics “Who died and made you the King of Anything?”. Well we thought Ms. Bareilles’ song title would be the perfect title for a concept we want to briefly share with you. Check out the following:

Question 1: Who Died and Made You the King of Anything?
Answer: The Major Labels died and made you King.

Discussion: The above may sound like a bold statement, but we feel it is an accurate reflection of trends that show time and time again that being connected with a major label is no longer a prerequisite to guaranteeing success in the music industry.

Let’s analyze why we feel the above is an accurate statement. Obviously for a number of years, the Major Labels were the supreme kings of the land. If an artist/band/songwriter were to have any significant success, they were forced to sign away their freedom to the major labels in exchange for the distribution, funding, marketing and promotion muscle that could only be provided by a multi-billion dollar corporation.
However, as we all know, the Major Labels’ Kingdom suffered a number of attacks and invasions. We don’t have space here in this post to go into all the various barbarians and nomads that attacked the Major Label Kingdom, but by 2005 it was clear that the Kingdom was in trouble.
Fast Forward to 2010, with regularity Independent artists are charting on national charts. In fact, we have examples of Independent artists debuting as Number 1 on the seminar Billboard Top 200 Chart (a feat that would have been unthinkable for a indie artist/band to accomplish even a few years ago). Hence, we repeat our earlier creed: The Major Labels Died and Made You King (or Queen…we want to account for both sexes).

Question 2: If you are a King or Queen, why are you still trying to be a servant in the Kingdom that has been overthrown? (in other words, why are artists/bands/songwriters/labels still trying to get signed to Major Labels).
Answer: Unfortunately, we really don’t have a good answer to this question, other than to point out that the Major Labels are expert in using fear and intimidation to make artists/bands/songwriters/labels feel that the Major Labels still have a strangle hold of control concerning what music products consumers will purchase and listen to. This is simply not true. Major Labels no longer have the power to dominate what the public will buy musically. There are far too many outlets for consumers to discover music which are beyond the control and influence of the Major Label’s pipelines.

Sadly, we have to place the bulk of the problem described above, not on the Major Labels, but instead on how easily artists/bands/songwriters/labels are susceptible to brainwashing because they refuse to take responsibility to learn how to operate like businessmen or businesswomen. Sad but Truth!!! Our desire is not to offend anyone with the following statement, but we feel its application is relevant to the point we are trying to make: “you can free a slave…but until the slave takes responsibility for his or her freedom…he/she will still be bound by a slave mentality.

Closing Comment:
We repeat the premise of our discussion…The Major Labels died and made you the King/Queen. Therefore, it is time for you to stop acting like a servant….instead, square your shoulders, straighten your back and start carrying yourself like royalty. You no longer have to wait for the Kings men to validate you as an artist/band/musical group/label before embarking on your journey toward success. The days of Christopher Columbus are long gone. Why are you waiting on Queen Isabella to give you permission and money to start your adventure? Forget Queen Isabella and she can keep her money, because if I take her money, then I lose ownership and control over everything I discover during my journey. Forget that…if I find some buried treasure I’m not taking anything back to Spain or Queen Isabella…I am going to start my own country…and guess who is going to be King!!!!!
Stand Up Independents and act like you have a Kingdom to Rule….Stop trying to find opportunities to be a Servant to a Major Label!!!!!!
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