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This book is about facing your fears. Yes, facing your fears is what this book is all about. Through our many years participating in the entertainment industry, Paul and I, collectively from our respective positions (Paul as a internationally renowned platinum recording artist) (and myself as a entertainment attorney representing hundreds of singers, mc?s, musical groups, bands, songwriters, composers, musicians, producers, record labels, etc.), have each witnessed and experienced the tragedy of musically gifted individuals destroyed because they would not face their fears. The main character of our book is named Star. Star is a gifted songwriter, musician, producer and performer. However, underneath his immense talent, Star has a major weakness that he has kept secret from everyone but himself: he is totally afraid and intimidated to deal with any type of paperwork ? especially contracts. Despite this secret weakness, as you read through the book, you will see (and learn) how Star forces himself to fight through his intimidation and fear in order to gain a true understanding of the recording contract he has been asked to sign.

The Paperback version of “Before You Sign That”

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