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Leslie Warren Cross, Jr., is a shareholder in the legal firm professionally known as The Cross Firm P.C. Mr. Cross is a father of five children. Mr. Cross was raised in Lubbock, Texas. He is a graduate of Dunbar High School also located in Lubbock. He later went on to attend his freshmen year of college at North Texas State University and eventually received his B.A. in Political Science from Texas Tech University in 1983. After graduation from College, Mr. Cross began his pursuit of a music related career. He managed a Hastings Record Store while playing in various bands as a guitarist. He spent one year in Carlsbad New Mexico, before being transferred to Houston, Texas in 1986. After his relocation to Houston, Mr. Cross continued playing and singing for various bands, but became dissatisfied with his progress. As a result, he decided to change his focus from the performance side of the music industry over to the business side. From there, he went on to Law School at South Texas College of Law eventually passing the State Bar in 1997. He opened up the Cross Firm P.C., shortly thereafter with a special focus on entertainment related matters.

Not only has Mr. Cross been involved on the legal side of the music industry, but as noted above, he performed as an artist and musician for a number of years. Additionally, Mr. Cross was co-owner in the critically acclaimed production company Southern Fried Entertainment, Inc., which was able to work and secure placements on a number of gold and platinum projects for its production work and music composition -- in naming just a few of the placements, they include the following: Ice Cube, Trick Daddy, After 7, Scarface, and Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. Southern Fried Entertainment, Inc., also operated a highly recommended recording studio known as the Hit Kitchen. Additionally, Mr. Cross has extensive experience in artist management and producer management. Mr. Cross has placed a special emphasis on his management experience with producers several which have gone on to achieve gold and platinum track placements.

In reference to his legal experience in entertainment matters, Mr. Cross has extensive experience with drafting and structuring all forms of Recording Agreements, Publishing Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Performance Agreements, Digital Rights Agreements, Ring-tone Agreements, Electronic Download Agreements, Endorsement Agreements, Management Agreements, Merchandising Agreements, Production Agreements, Investor Agreements (of all sorts), Music Joint Venture Agreements, Music License Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Band Partnership Agreements, etc... Mr. Cross has repeatedly dealt with various management, financial, logistical and other more practical aspects of the entertainment industry as well.

Work Experience

Mr. Cross has extensive experience in negotiating a multitude of entertainment related deals and/or relationships. He has provided counsel to recording companies and/or publishing companies regarding inventory of music and also has been assigned the responsibility for overseeing administrative issues connected with the licensing and protection of music/master recording catalogues. He is also experienced with formulating and securing intellectual property rights related to all original ideas and concepts connected with musical projects and products and the structures behind them. He also has extensive experienced in negotiating a wide variety of licensing and endorsement agreements/arrangements for Artist, Beatmakers, Producers and Independent Record Labels.

Mr. Cross also has extensive experience in educating clients with emphasis on Artists, Producers and Imprint Record Labels regarding how to read their royalty statements as well as making sure that they have been fully accounted for record royalties and mechanical royalties (if applicable).

Finally, Mr. Cross has extensive knowledge related to recommended business structures in reference to creating and selling music product and related merchandise and accessories, which includes but is not limited to asset protection strategies, risk aversion strategies and asset segregation strategies.

In terms of current and future projects, Mr. Cross has structured a media company “Cross Live Media" which has published Mr. Cross’ first book entitled “Before You Sign That” which is co-authored by Paul Wall (released September 2014). The emphasis of “Before You Sign That” is to discuss the fundamentals of artist recording agreements. Shortly thereafter, Cross Live Media and Publishing will be releasing Cross’s second book “What a Record Deal Can’t Do For You”. The emphasis of “What A Record Deal Can’t Do For You” will be to discuss the importance of recording artist to empower themselves and not depend on Record Labels to make or break an artist career. Additionally, Cross Live Media and Publishing is putting together a Seminar/Workshop series that will be rolling out shortly. The first workshop in the series is entitled “Let’s Do The Numbers”. The emphasis of “Let’s Do The Numbers” will be to provide Artist, Producers, Mangers and Independent Record Label executives a practical guideline to understanding record royalties and mechanical royalties and how to calculate the money they will be making from record sales.

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