Our Principles

The Clients' Team

The Firm believes that we are part of the clients' overall team of advisors. This team may include the client's CPA, financial advisor, other Law Firms, banker and insurance agents, management, administration, etc… We work within this team concept. We support the expertise that a client gets from the other members of the client's team.

Service Delivery

The key to any successful law firm is service delivery. We know our clients want these five things from us: (1) a Superior Product; (2) Timely Delivery; (3) Continuity of Service; (4) Passion and Loyalty; and (5) Honest and Independent advice. Our Firm strives to deliver services that solve our clients' problems on their time schedule. Successful services require a team approach among the attorney and paraprofessionals of the Firm and a partnership with the client. Our clients are usually long-term clients. Our clients call us with the frequency that they need services; however, we maintain a professional relationship with the client for years. The Firm’s client turnover rate is less than 20%.

Firm Staff

The Firm employs individuals who have embraced the Firm’s mission statement, purpose statement and slogan. The Firm’s systems, policies and protocols are all designed with one thing in mind: delivery of a First Class Legal Service at an affordable price that provides the highest possible opportunity for our client’s vision to succeed.

Client Selection

The Firm is selective with the clients we represent. Individuals who are unethical and who do not have a passion for what they are doing, are not taken on as clients. The Firm's schedule is usually full, but the firm does add clients when our projected workload permits. If we are to achieve the five listed objectives, we cannot take on clients who are merely looking for the cheapest cost. We price our services to be competitive, but the cost is also derived from our desire to perform legal services that achieve the five objectives.

Legal Services

Our clients call us when they need help. We in turn communicate with our clients when we think they should be aware of a new development or strategy helpful to their business or profession. We communicate with our clients on a regular basis. The Firm understands that communication is the life-blood regarding durability of any relationship most especially with client/attorney relationships. The Firm uses technology to allow us to stay in contact with our client through electronic/digital means as well as more traditional methods such as phone calls and written correspondence. The Firm also understands that our clients expect our attorneys and support staff to maintain a continuity of knowledge that impacts the client’s business and personal affairs.

Other Legal Needs

As a small firm focusing on businesses, entertainment professionals and individuals, we do not claim to be able to deliver all of a client's legal services. We will refer all matters involving litigation to attorneys and firms who practice in those specialties. Some matters may involve a special area of the law, such as patents, or a particular governmental agency, which will need to be referred to the appropriate professionals. As such, the Firm is constantly seeking out other competent legal professionals who deliver first class service who we can assist our client’s in areas we don’t have practice focus in. The Firm’s clients know that they can call the Firm whatever their need and we will make it our responsibility to link them out with the right professional.


We tend to charge less than what a "large, institutional firm" charges per hour. For legal services we usually charge by the hour. These rates range from a low of $175 to $500 depending on the type of work and the attorney providing the service. Some business and/or personal matters can be quoted on a fixed fee basis. These matters usually involve business formation or contract review or contract drafting. Where possible, we give a fixed fee quote for matters having a defined scope. Where the matter may have more variables influencing the length or complexity, such as the negotiation of a contract and or the purchase or sale of a business, we try to give an estimate, but the fee itself must be based on the amount of time it involves to execute the Client’s Vision.

Many of our personal services for families and individuals are priced on a project to project basis. We typically charge a retainer for new clients. Established clients are billed monthly for any work that is done in the prior month.


Our Firm takes seriously our ethical obligations to our clients. We avoid conflicts of interests. In business matters, some clients may find it frustrating for us to comply with our duty to represent only one client. In forming a business with multiple owners or drafting business documents affecting more than one person, we may ask the persons involved to sign a joint representation letter. This letter will specify the circumstances where we may represent clients jointly. It is always our recommendation in those situations that the persons involved each obtain independent legal and accounting advice before signing any documents.


Passion is the Firm’s niche. It is what makes us the Street fighters that we are. Passion is the energy that makes us strive to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and to not back down, draw back or be intimidated no matter how big or powerful the opposition to our client’s vision may be. We fight to make our client’s visions….reality!

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