Our Story

The Cross Firm was established in June 1997. The Firm’s slogan is “Your Vision^Our Passion” and that phrase perfectly captures our story. The Firm started out representing individuals and small businesses that no one else took seriously and that other Lawyers did not want to represent. As a Law Firm, we could relate to our early clients, because no one was taking us seriously either. I still remember my clients confirming that the “Cross Firm” would be representing his/her/their interest and the opposing side responding with “Who”? Or “So what!!” or “Never heard of them.” What our early opponents failed to realize, until it was too late for most of them, was our belief that their Goliath was entering into the ring with our David. We were Resourceful, We were Tenacious, We were Fearless, but above all else, we believed in what we were doing as a Law Firm and even more importantly, we believed that as long as we were true to our Client’s vision and best interest, that God would protect us, bless us, and give us the wisdom to prevail - no matter what the odds looked like to others.

Well, to make a long story short, our client’s no longer concern themselves with asking whether or not the opposing side is going to respect his/her/their choice in legal representation. The Firm has engaged in hundreds of transactions of all sorts and of many different types both in and outside the Entertainment arena. The Firm has represented the interest of Platinum and Gold Artists as well as Producers, Independent Labels, Managers, Authors, Concert Promoters, Publishers, highly successful small and mid-size businesses of all types, Entrepreneurs with all sorts of products and service offerings, Real Estate investors, as well as men and women who have the need for wisdom and protection in their individual matters, because for the Firm, NO “Vision” is too small to serve and protect.

Whatever our client’s legal needs may turn out to be, we have made a commitment to be there with them through the highs and lows – through the thick and thin, and to surround them with other professionals if a particular service matter required by the client is outside our expertise.

Company Growth

It’s true, as a Firm we have experienced tremendous growth and blessings through the years and will continue to do so, despite that however, we will never forget that our Firm’s existence is necessary in order to serve, represent and protect businesses and individuals who have dreams, visions, products, services, callings, missions, passions that may lead to solving a grave problem for their family, or creating an opportunity in the market place that propels them to the next level, or ultimately find a solution that becomes a blessing to all mankind. The aforementioned is what we live to do as a Law Firm. That is our work. That is our contribution to society. That is what makes us relevant as a Law Firm. That is what drives us and makes each day a joy to live no matter the challenges. Our Passion allows us to overcome the fear of opponents, difficult situations, negative circumstance that may come against us in serving our client -- no matter -- we will STAND with her, we will PRAY with him, we will FIGHT and not RETREAT, and we will prevail through God’s provisions and wisdom. Our Passion is to make that vision, that dream, that idea, that seemingly impossibility…..a reality. That is our Story and the best chapters are yet to be written.

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