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Artist Sara Bareilles has a current song that is rapidly moving up the charts which asks the following question in the lyrics “Who died and made you the King of Anything?”. Well we thought Ms. Bareilles’ song title would be the perfect title for a concept we want to briefly share with you. Check out the following:

Question 1: Who Died and Made You the King of Anything?
Answer: The Major Labels died and made you King.

Discussion: The above may sound like a bold statement, but we feel it is an accurate reflection of trends that show time and time again that being connected with a major label is no longer a prerequisite to guaranteeing success in the music industry.

Let’s analyze why we feel the above is an accurate s...

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Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Harold Whitman


I was reading an article by Seth Godin concerning marketing and could not help but realize that what he was saying applies perfectly to the Music Industry. Specially, with regard to a Artist who choose to be signed to a Major Label deal as their ultimate goal.To get straight to the point, one of the driving forces for Artist to seek out Major Label Deals is the belief that he/she/they will get national exposure. In looking at this belief, it is true that you will get exposure (if the Major Label decides to push your product for longer than 6...

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I want the music industry to be more “bottom-up” so it will be more robust and less susceptible to corporate monitoring and control.

What is Off D Grid and why a Movement is Necessary?

Our definition of Off D Grid means that an Artist, Producer, Band, Independent Record Label, Independent Artist Development Company, Production Company, Management Company, etc has decided to maintain ownership and control over their master recordings and to work their musical project using their own sources of revenues, their own connection points and their own grind points. Off D Grid is from the bottom up. Meaning that you don’t allow a Corporate Conglomerate to tell you what type of music is acceptable or marketable or relevant for yo...

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