How do I decide whether or not I need a Lawyer?

Begin by analyzing your problem. If a dry cleaner has ruined your dress, for example, you may be able to resolve the matter yourself by asking the cleaner for a reimbursement. On the other hand, a more complicated problem, such as suing someone, will probably require the serves of a lawyer. If you’re not sure if your situation calls for a lawyer, it might be worth a small consultation fee to find out. My Firm’s philosophy is to try and show our client’s how to empower themselves to resolve their own issues where possible.

What every day situations would probably require me to seek Legal Advice or guidance?

• You are about to sign a contract you don’t understand or agree with
• You are served with a summons or other legal document
• You and your fiancée are considering a prenuptial agreement
• You want to adopt a child
• Your child gets into trouble with the law
• You or your spouse is seeking a separation, divorce, or annulment
• Your ex-spouse wants to modify or terminate child support or maintenance payments, or alter your custody arrangements
• You buy or sell your home or any other real estate
• You are starting your own business or buying a franchise
• You are threatened with eviction or foreclosure
• Your personal property is in danger of being repossessed by creditors
• You have been notified that creditor has sued you over a delinquent credit card debt
• You suffer property damage because of someone’s negligence
• You are injured in an accident
• You are asked to make an out-of-court settlement
• You want to draw up a power of attorney
• You are writing, changing, or contesting a will
• You want to create a guardianship or conservatorship for a loved one
• You are charged with any crime, even a misdemeanor

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